Was just remembering the kindaa doubts I used to get in school..outright stupid, but worth a thought anywhile.. For eg :

I spent almost a whole year(5th or 6th, i don't remember) convincing myself that angle B (shown above) is indeed equal to angle A, and not greater. I asked my teacher, my dad..but I wasn't convinced..Finally had to convince myself somehow.

Second one..When first exposed to electricity(in 9th, I think), we were taught that there is no current when a circuit is open. So i had this doubt : Current is produced by the flow of electrons. Now, if the circuit is open, how do the electrons know that the circuit is open without actually flowing, and finding out, and inturn not flowing...Hilarious absolutely, but the shocking part is I did not get an answer even from my teacher, for which I was terribly upset.

Also , a question which came about when I was teaching my sister optics a few months back(when she came up with it...), as to 'Why certain objects are transparent, and others opaque'. An absolutely stud question, I didn't have an answer to it, neither did any of my friends..Whose answer I finally found in Griffith, which had hajjar electromagnetic polarization funda in it, and that the phenomenon of transparency was actually found in 1987..!! Phew..



silentkiller said...

hmmm very intellectual mood you were in.. mugged everything for som i supppose

CB said...

ya..nice try..got screwed in SOM also..huh..

Anonymous said...

Amazing doubts..........